About us

Dear hobby friends,



Welcome to our new online store!


 Right away:

 Unfortunately, we were not able to take over the data from the old shop.

 For this reason, a new registration is required!


We hope you enjoy the new, brighter design of our shop!

We ourselves find the possibilities that the new shop system offers very well, even if it is a change for many (also for us).


You may have noticed, that some items supposedly disappeared - but that is not so!

We have put together some articles from our early days to sets to make it easier for you and us to order.


Unfortunately, due to the increased raw material prices, we were forced to raise our prices slightly - but we are still in the lower (price) midfield!

Due to the composition of the sets, some articles even have become cheaper!


Well, for us that was already the most important thing!

However, if you do not know us (or our company philosophy) well enough, you should read on!




Many hobbyists have known us for years as a provider of exclusive figures and models.


Some of you have already accepted our offer to model your own figures as desired and distribute them, sometimes for quite a long time and successfully in our common web-shop.




What does that really mean?


Well, it means that we are as crazy about it as you - our customers!


We are model makers, collectors, painters, players, freaks and dreamers, just like you. We think that makes us different from our competitors.

We do not develop expensive models or figures, we can sell for a high price and complain about the cost and the time spent.


No, many of our products, we made on customer request - or for ourselves, but sometimes it can be a weird topic! :-)))


We think that is exactly what makes the appeal of our common hobbies, namely that there is always something new and that may sometimes be apart from the mainstream.

Likewise, we have probably proven well in recent years, that good quality does not necessarily have to be expensive – this is the story customers heard in the past from other manufactors - but many people already know it better today.


Our experience in development, sculpting, modelling, mold making as well as production in tin and resin dates back to 1989. It is not an exaggeration to say, that in this time we have seen many

suppliers (who thought they reinvented the wheel) come an go.

We are still here and the plan is to stay for a very long time!


Today we are the largest European supplier in scope and diversity for 1:72 scale and we want to

extend this leading position also in other areas in the future.


The many years of experience in mold making and production, our customers appreciate as well as the fact that we run our company full-time, are thus almost constantly available during the day and always have an open ear for the needs of our customers.

The technical development does not stop and, of course, new techniques are moving in here as well.


Laser cutters, 3D printers, Styrodur cutters, plotters, etc. have also found their place here. Many of these devices are a great relief, but we have found after many attempts that nothing stands about good old handwork.


For example, a stonewall made by a 3D printer or laser cutter, looks like a 3D printer or laser cutter - because you can draw as well as you want. It simply lacks the living, as it can only achieved by hand (and little stones)!


That's why we're promoting new vendors who have adopted this view as well, such as the companies "DioHistory" and "SGS-Streich Game Scenics".


We for our part welcome new providers very much and try to make your start easier - because we care a lot about the variety of our common hobbies.

In our opinion, every good new supplier brings fresh wind to the scene and opens up new possibilities for everyone.


What are the other prospects?

Well, we have decided to expand our offer to the big and interesting area Tabletop / Wargame - of course without neglecting our previous main section 1:72.

Because of this, 2019 will bring some innovations - for us and our customers!


As we told in the past:

No idea is too crazy, no figure desire is too outlandish and no daydreaming has to remain unfulfilled!

Do you have such ideas and dreams - then we should talk about it!

The production of their own figures, models, etc. is not as expensive as some still maintain - at least that's probably what we've proven – didn’t we?


In this sense, continue to enjoy our beautiful hobby!





Representing the whole Hagen-Miniatures team